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Rising high with India FOSS 3.0

Published: at 06:00 PM

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The FOSS-ible things

It was my first time being to India FOSS, and the first thing that came to my mind was, I see a lot of familiar faces here, both from Kerala and outside. Meeting new set of people was in my agenda this time, but ended up meeting less new people than i expected, but had the opportunity to connect with already known people. Well, i did wear a dhoti and shirt that day, Being the only dhoti wearer, many did notice me and i was a ajzals favorite subject i guess🤣. Listing out the people i met there would be really difficult since it was a bunch of them. But one person that i want to highlight is @alwin john, who made the day with his tweet.

The Journey

The journey started on 27th October, Initially i planned on going straight to the interesting place; But needed something more interesting to reach there. So bunked Fridays(27 October) class and went to watch Interstellar in 4DX. it was an amazing experience. After watching it, went straight to the interesting place TinkerSpace, Kochi. Whats more interesting than bringing a bunch of keralites to india FOSS 3.0? Yeah, TinkerHub had made the decision to pool the top 30 FOSS contributors and onboard a mission called FOSS FORCE. Then the members of tinkerhub along with the 30 contributors onboarded the bus ride from Kochi on October 27 at around 7:30PM. It really was a K factor to India FOSS 3.0 as said by Rushabh Mehta in his blog , The ride was fun and messed up sleep🤣

The frappe supremacy

Whilst being at NIMHANS for the two days of conference, i did spend most of the time in sponsor booth of Frappe, them being in the front wasn’t the factor that motivated me to be there, it was to figure out how things are working there, to find solutions to the issues i faced, I really wanted an installation help from there, but i did figure out on my own later. Overall it was a great time spend knowing and reporting bugs directly to the team. Thanks for the long stickers too.

The total event